Impact of Vedic day As Per As Numerology

Impact of Vedic Birth day As Per As Numerology

  • As per as our Vedic system each var or day is ruled by different planet. So, native may born on particular day may has impact of that planet.
  • Please keep in mind in our var system day will start from Sun rise and last till next sun rise. So, Vedic Var or day doesn’t start from mid day.

According to their rulership, this are simple effect as per Vedic astrology.

  • Ravivar(Sunday) — Sunday is ruled by Sun or number 1. So, people born on Sunday has impact of Sun. People born in Sunday has honey red eyes and brown hair and reddish body colour. He may be proudfull or having ego or Proudness.
  • Somvar (Monday) — Monday is ruled by Moon or number 2. So, people born on Monday has impact of Moon. People born on Monday will be charming. He will be kind from heart. Native may be sensual or having rajsic gun or having high materialistic desires.
  • Tuesday (Mangal Var) — Tuesday is ruled by Mars. So, people born on Tuesday has impact of Mars. People born on Tuesday may be interested in brave full acts. He may use harsh or argumentive words or speech. Native may be is cruel from nature.
  • Wednesday (Budhvar) — Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. So, people born on wednesday has impact of Mercury. Native may be very Good in communication. He may be polite in behavior. Native may honoured God and Brahman.
  • Thursday (Guruvar) — Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. So, people born on Thursday may has impact of Jupiter. Native may be popular among kings or blessed by kings or loved by king. He may be virtuous or having best qualities. He may be famous. Native may doing sacrifices or Yagya (यज्ञ).
  • Friday (Shukravar) – Friday is ruled by Venus. So, Native may be blessed by Venus quality. Native may be dear to all. He may be sensual from nature. Native may be endowed with wealth, land, status & position( Dhan dhanya Sai paripurn).
  • Saturday (Shanivar) — Saturday is ruled by Saturn. So, Native is blessed by Saturn quality. Native doesn’t has so much intelligence. He may be lazy from nature. Native may be be lives on other foods and money. He may be inclined towards argument. He may be jealous from nature. He may has issues or disturbance from his relatives. He may be skillful.

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