Impact Of Name As Per As Numerology

Effect Of Name as per as Numerology

Our Name is our original identity. No one can know us by our date of birth or our moon sign or sun sign. But every one remember us by our Name. So we cannot ignore importance of Name. Name may be many type of Native and every one has their own importance. But Popular name of any body may play huge impact in comparison of others name. Let’s know about type of Name

Type of Name and their importance

1) Popular Name Number – Name at which any body can wake up from sound sleep is known as Popular name. Means name which is popular among public is known as Popular name. It is very useful in every branch of astrology. Even if any body, date of birth is not known then we can predict from Popular name. We can also fix sign of native from Popular Name. In numerology we are frequently use Popular Name as Name. If we have to know any things related to business, profession, litigation, dispute with goverment, war, election, competition, jobs etc then Popular name may play importance role.

2) Rashi name number – At the time of birth, moon at which pada of nakshatra will indicating first letter of his Rashi name and then his parrent fix his rashi name for making kundali or horoscope. Rashi name may be less popular and only used for auspicious deeds of life such as Marriage, graha shanti, remedy of planet, travelling or other vedic rituals. We don’t use this name in Numerology.

3) Karma Number – Full name on birth certificate is known as Karma number. Suppose you apply for a jobs or any work where no one can know you. Then your certificate name will play important role. So in such type of acts we use Karma number obtained from full name on birth certificate.

4) First Name Number – First Name may be generally identity of Native and mostly we can differentiate any body with the first name, even in the case of twins where birth chart may be same but First name may be difference. So First name number can give major idea about any person. We can know about major goal of his life.

5) Middle Name Number – Middle name number may be supportive of First name and helpful to achieve the goal of life.

6) Surname Number – Surname number will shows the family number. It will shows your strength to fight within society and accept challenges in life.

7) Soul Number – To find Soul number we have to add all the vowels in the full name( including first name, middle name and surname). The number obtained by adding all this is known as Soul Number. Full name must be your first full name as on your birth certificate. Soul number give indication about deep and inner quality of native.

8) Childhood number – Childhood number can be find by adding all the consonants in the full name. Childhood number will deals with past life karma.

Way of Calculating Name Number

  • Cheiro way
  • Spherical ways
  • Pythagoras’s ways
  • Modern ways

In current time frame Modern ways is more popular due to its easy calculations. But Cheiro ways is also giving amazing results.

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