Impact Of Date Of Birth 30 Or Personality Number 30

Effect of Numerology on people born on 30th day of any calendar month

1)Any person born on 30th day of any calendar month will be belong to Number 3 and having personality number 30. Number 30 is made from number 3 and number 0 and its total will be 3. So Number 30 has huge effect of number 3 and due to zero, power of jupiter will be multiplied or improved.

Number 30 = 3 + 0 = 3

Jupiter + power of zero = Powerful Jupiter

2) Native may be handsome and sincere by look. He may be attractive by look and attract others by own nature and quality. He may be wise and intelligent. He has very good sense of humours.

3) Native may be independent by nature and full with excess self proudness. He may be freedom lover and doesn’t want to take help from any body. He may be responsible by nature. He will try to agree everybody on his words and make sure to follow his order. He will try to ensure benefit and for this he can break rules and regulations but he doesn’t break social morality. He has very good social morality.

4)Native has good imaginative power. He has good administrative power. Native may always look forward in his life. He may be interested in politics. He may has good interest in religion and occult or mysticism.

5) Native may be polite and friendly in behaviour. He may be social in behaviour and good communicator. He has many friends. He may has good popularity in his own circle. He may has many enemies. He has many friends but when he needs many people comes to help him.

6) Native may be scholar and knowledgeable. He may be interested in learnings. He may be multi talented. He may be philosopher and popular for his knowledge.

7) Native may has good success in his life. He may achieved good success in his life. He may getting success due to his own idea and thoughts. Due to interest in multiple subject in same time, he may lose his concentration. Due to this attitude he has to struggle more and his initial stage of life he may be suffering from financial crisis.

8)Number 30 people may be getting success in administrative jobs. He may be getting success in advisor or counselor or lecture. He may be getting success in judiciary field. He may be head of any trust or religious or charitable institution. He may be getting success in politics. He may getting success in drama and management jobs. He may be good lawyer or physician. He may be getting success in writing and blogging or speaker.

9)Number 30 may has lucky day is Thursday and other favorable day are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. His lucky number will be 3 and other favorable numbers are 1, 2 and 9. His love relationship will be good with 6 and 9.

10) His lucky stone be pukhraj or yellow sapphire. He can also wear amethyst. Another substitute are citrine, tiger eye or yellow hakik. His lucky colors is yellow. As per as western astrology lucky colors is purple or violet. His another favorable colors are blue, red or crimson.

11) He may be suffering from throaty infection or dumbness. He may be suffering from cholesterol related issues. He may be suffering from neurological problem. He may be suffering from physical and mental stress due to over workload. He may be suffering from body pains.

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