Impact Of Date Of Birth 18 Or Personality Number 18

Effect of Numerology on people born on 18th day of any calendar month

1) Any person born on 18th day of any calendar month then his personality number will be 18 and belongs to number 9. Number 18 belongs to number 1 and number 8 and his total is 9. So native with date of birth 18 has natural quality of number 1( Sun), number 8 ( Saturn), and number 9( Mars). So, internal power of Sun and Saturn converted to Mars. Sun and Mars is enemy of Saturn so internal conflicts in results will be possible.

Number 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

Sun + Saturn = Mars

Internal power of Sun and Saturn converted into Mars power

2) Native may be brave and courageous by nature. He has strong physical and mental strength. Native may be independent by nature. He has strong will power. He has very good morality. He may be action oriented person. He may be frank in action and also having frank behaviour.

3) Native may be firm and rigid by nature. He may be full with self proudness and become egoistic. He has mentality that “ I am always right and no one just like me ” . He may be intolerant by nature. He doesn’t like anyone criticizing him. He doesn’t like anybody give him suggestions or advice. He may be argumentative and criticizer. He may be discriminative minded person.

4) Native may be intelligent and skilled. He may be multi talented person. He may has practical approach towards any acts. He may be inspirational by nature. He may has natural ability to command public and motivated towards any work.

5) Native may be interested in high level politics. He may be power seeker. He may has support from powerful person or goverment. He doesn’t follow any sort of restriction. He doesn’t comes under any sort of pressure. He likes to become own boss. He has revenge taking attitude. He has many sort of enemies.

6) Native may be religious and spiritual by nature. He has good knowledge of occults. He has philosophical attitude.

7) Native may be emotional and having hot tempare. He may be moody by nature. He done his work in very well and focused ways. He also wants others may also do their work in perfect ways, even on little faults of others, he will loss his passions. He loves travelling.

8) Native may be successful in force, police, leader or commander of any organisation. He may be getting success in administration, medical, astrology, spirituality, religious leader, etc. He may be getting success in astrology, religious leader, lawyer, real estate. Native may be getting good success in labour work, construction, steel or tin or iron related work, industry, coal or woods related work, gym, law related work etc. Native may getting success in administration jobs, goverment contract or goverment jobs, politics, social activity, public dealing jobs. He may be getting success in planning or decision executive committee.

9) Native may be suffering from chicken pox or others pox related disease. He may be suffering from cut or wounds related issues, urinary infection, fever, or head pain. He may be suffering from piles, blood infection, or skin disease. Native may be suffering from abdominal problem, gastric, liver, intestines related issues, head pains, rheumatism, poisons etc. Native may be suffering from serious neurological issues. Native may be suffering from blood pressure or mental stress. He may be suffering from heart problem. He may be suffering from bones related issues. He may be suffering from eye sight problem.

10) His lucky number will be 9. His another favorable number will be 1, 2 , 3 & 6. His lucky day is Tuesday and other favorable day is Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Friday.

11) His lucky stone will be Red coral. Another favorable stone will be garnet, amber, red moon stone, red hakik, sun star stone. Lucky colour for number 18 is blackish red. His another favorable colour is rose or pink shade or crimson or purple.

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