Impact Of Date Of Birth 17 Or Personality Number 17

Effect of Numerology on people born on 17th day of any calendar month

1) Any person born on 17th day of any calendar month has personality number 17 and belongs to number 18. Number 17 made from number 1 and number 7 and its total is 8. So number 17 has natural quality of number 1 or Sun and Number 7 or Ketu and Number 8 or Saturn. We can say internal quality of Sun and Ketu converted to Saturn. Sun, Saturn and Ketu are enemies to each others. So it may be possible many sort of conflict in nature of native.

2) Native may has attractive personality. He may be individual and independent by nature. He may be full with physical and mental strength. He may be brave and extremely courageous. He has bold and serious attitude.

3) Native may be ambitious from nature. He has show off attitude. He may be full with extremely proudness. He may be egoistic by nature. He wants to become own boss. He may be active and doesn’t follow any sort of restriction. He doesn’t comes under any sort of pressure.

4) Native has natural leadership quality. He can lead others with strong directions. He can movited any one to any work after little effort. He may be powerful. He may be interested in politics. He has issues with governments.

5) Native may be firm & rigid in nature. No one can change him. Native has contradictory nature. Sometimes he has modern attitude and sometimes he has traditional attitude. He may be argumentative. He may be burst under pressure. He may be restless from mind. He may be taking extreme panic on any matters. He has lack of passions from internal heart. He can harm own self by own action.

6) Native may be skillful and creative by nature. He may be skillful in business ideas. He has good will and faith in professional life. He only views value of own thoughts but doesn’t respect another thoughts. He doesn’t get easy success in his life.

7) Native may has deep knowledge. Native may be spiritual and religious by nature. He has good knowledge of occults. He has philosophical thoughts. He has knowledge of old traditions.

8) Native may be doesn’t get respect from society. He may be facing humilations. He has manipulating nature.

9)Native may be getting good success in labour work, construction, steel or tin or iron related work, industry, coal or woods related work, chicken farm, animal farm, police or force, gym, law related work. He may be getting success in journalism. He may be success in ocults, healing or spirituality. He may be getting success in writing or philosophy. He may be success in secretariat work or administration jobs or goverment contract or goverment jobs or politics, social activity, public dealing jobs. He may be getting success in medical stream or jobs. He may be getting success in planning or decision making committee.

10) Native may be suffering from gastric, liver, intestines related issues, rheumatism, poisons etc. Native may be suffering from serious neurological issues. Native may be suffering from mental issues such as worries, stress, tension, negative thoughts, depression etc. He may be suffering from head pain or block spot below eyes. He may be suffering from insomnia. He may be suffering from skin infection, blood infection, abdominal problem. He may be suffering from fever or head pain. He may be suffering from bones or heart related issues. He may be suffering from eye sight problem.

11) Native’s lucky number is 8 and another favorable number will be 3 and 5. His lucky day will be Saturday. Sunday and Monday has also important role in his life.

12) Native’s lucky stone will be Neelam. Another favorable stone are amethyst, moon stone, amber, sun stone, firoza, embareled. His lucky colour will be purple, green, pale shade of colour, 

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