Impact Of Date Of Birth 11 Or Personality Number 11

Effect of Numerology on people born on 11th day of any calendar month 

1) Any people born on date of birth 11th day of any calendar month then his Personality number will be 11. Number 11 is made from number 1 and 1 and its total will be 2. So, some time it is represented by 11/2. Number 1 belongs to Sun and Number 2 belongs to Moon. So people born at 11th day of calendar month has huge impact of Moon and Sun in his life. We can say that his double power of Sun is finally giving results of Moon. And both Sun and Moon are friendly to each other so we can say that Positive results of Sun is passes to Moon.

11 = 1 + 1 = 2

Sun + Sun = Moon

Double power of Sun = Converted to Moon

2) Number 11 is also known as Master Number and consider as power number in numerology. So people born on 11th day of any one is considered naturally fortuned person. He may be blessed by God or assumed as God gifted person.

3)Native may be full with self proudness. He may be very much independent by nature. He may be natural leader who doesn’t need to show his power. Where he is stand, line will be always started from their. He may be centre of attraction. He may naturally attracts others by his appearance and looks.

4) Native may be very ambitious by nature and even motivated towards his ambitions. He has high expectations from life. He may get huge success in his life. He may getting victory over his enemies. If any body motivated him to any work then can do any things means he need guidence.

5) Native may be emotional and proudful by nature. He doesn’t like own criticism. He may take any words on his heart or he may be hurted even in very small matters. So, others may has to take care of his sentiment otherwise his ego or self proudness will be hurted. Means he may be taking stress for very little matters.

6) Native may be friendly in nature. He may be kind and helpful from nature. He may be stand for rightness. He has high level of morality. He may take responsibility and care for own person. He may be always stand with own friends and supporter. He has big friend circle and having relationship with higher authorities. His friends and other will follow him, even unknown person can attract towards him.

7) Native may be full with unique idea. He may be imaginative minded. He may be good listener. He may be always active. He may be strong on his decision and very clear cut about his decision but to taking step forward regarding his decision, he needs initial motivation. He has modern attitude. He never fix own self in any sort of boundaries. But he may be focused by nature.

8)He may be getting success in profession of doctor or medical line, administrative post or goverment related jobs, politics or head of any organisations, decision maker or planning of any work at higher level etc. He may be getting success in gold or jewellery business. He may be success in food grain business or agriculture and its product, herbs, cattle and cattle product. He may getting success in travelling or travelling related profession. He may be success in work related to his natural talents such as acting, singing, dancing, anchoring, etc. He may be getting success in creative or imaginative work or philosophy.

9) His lucky stone will be pearl. His another favorable stone will be yellow sapphire or topaz or yellow diamond or amber or moon stone, pale green jade. His lucky colour is white or cream or off white colour. His favorable colour will be light green or light yellow.

10) His favorable date will be 1, 2nd, 11th, 29th. His supportive number will be 1, 2, 5, 3, 9. His lucky day will be Monday. His next fortunate day will be Sunday. His supportive day will be Tuesday, wednesday and thursday. His comfortable number for relationship will be 2,3,6, 9.

11) Native may easily comes under influence of season or climate change. He may be suffering from cold & fever related issues. He may be suffering from digestive problem such as gastric etc. He may be suffering from mental stress. He may be facing eye sight problem, brain or head related issues and heart related issues.

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