Impact Of Date Of 9 Or Personality Number 9

Effect of Numerology on people born on 9th day of any calendar month

1) Any people born on 9th day of any calendar month belongs to number 9 or having personality number 9. Number 9 belongs to Mars so native may has huge impact of Mars in his quality.

2) Native may aggressive and straight forward in nature. He has good physical and mental strength. He has strong will power. He may be action oriented by nature. He may has good self proudness. He may be frank in action and nature.

3) Native may be independent by nature. He doesn’t comes under pressure of any body. He may be natural leader. He may be natural fighter. He may has natural ability command public. He can motivated any body in any direction.

4) Native may be brave and courageous by nature. He may be intelligent and good understanding of situations. He has good passions. He may be moody in nature. He may apply his mind in proper direction. He has hot temper.

5) Native may has natura talents in art, music, dancing, acting, painting etc. He may be fun loving by nature. He may be creative by nature. He may has liberal approach towards life. He may serve humanity.

6) Native may be wandering in nature. He doesn’t stable on same work for long time. He may be travel lover. Even he like to work in such environment where he can move freely anywhere.

7) Native doesn’t like criticism of own self in any situation. He has revenge taking attitude. Due to his attitude, he will be making many sort of enemies in his life.

8) Native may has struggle in his early life. But he has strong will power, due to which he must get success in his life. In later stage of life he has good materialistic success and good name and fame.

9)Native may be successful in force, police, leader or commander of any organisation. He may be getting success in administration, medical, astrology, religious leader, etc. He may be getting success in astrology, religious leader, lawyer, metals, real estate. He may be getting success in fire related works, crackers related works or war or war materials work.

10) Native may be suffering from chicken pox or others pox related disease. He may be suffering from abdominal problem, cut or wounds related issues, urinary infection, fever, or head pain. He may be suffering from piles, blood infection, or skin disease.

11) His lucky number will be 9. His another favorable number will be 3, 1 & 2. His relationship number will be 3, 6 & 9. His lucky day is Tuesday and other favorable day is Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Friday.

12) His lucky stone will be Red coral. Another favorable stone will be ruby, garnet, blood stone, red moon stone, red hakik, sun star stone. Lucky colour for number 9 is Red. His another favorable colour is rose or pink shade or crimson.

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