Impact Of Bhagyank Or Fortune Number

Definition of Bhagyank or Fortune Number

Bhagyank or Fortune number is also known as Life path number. Some says it is Destiny number. As per as meaning of the name describe very much about Bhagyank. Bhagyank tell us about fortune of native. Bhagyank tell us about purpose of life. Bhagyank tell us about our destiny.

Method of Calculation of Fortune number or Life path number or Destiny number or Bhagyank

For calculating Bhagyank or Fortune number we have to add full date of birth and and find a Single number which is known as Bhagyank.

Date of Birth + Month number + Year = Bhagyank

Importance of Bhagyank and its effect

  • Bhagyank or Fortune number or Life path number or Destiny number will give indication about large picture of life of native.
  • Life path number will show direction of life of native. Fortune number suggested about best way to find success in his life or which path is good for him.
  • Destiny number or Bhagyank will indicating his purpose of birth or purpose of life. So fortune number has huge impact on native’s life.
  • Bhagyank will give knowledge to see the outer world from his wisdom or experience.
  • Bhagyank is consider as more powerful than root number. So, Bhagyank can decide his upcoming future.
  • Due to Bhagyank, native will automatically focus towards his goal of life. So he can start compromising for achieving his goal. Native will know his boundaries and start working towards their purpose of life within his limits. Some says it is fully active after around 35 year of age.
  • Destiny number or Life path number is purely co-related with past life karma of native. Fortune number will show our morality and Sanskar.
  • Fortune number will actually tell us what we get in this whole life just like Center of focus of life.
  • Fortune number will indicating opportunities in this life.
  • Life path number will decide who is our enemies, who is our friends and whom we meet in this life. It will decide our environments.
  • Life path number is always fixed. So accept it, understand it and use this number in productive ways in own life.
  • It is assume that lower the bhagyank number lesser the complex in his life. Specially greater than 6 means 7, 8 , and 9 may bring more hurdles and complex situations in his life.
  • It is assume that year with same bhagyank number will bring prosperity and fortune in his life.

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