How To Analyse Rashi Dasha

Char Rashi Dasha Some Important Sutra

Knowledge of Vishampada and Samapada Sign

1) First we have to know some points, such as Visham Pad Sign and Sama Pad Sign.

We have to divide 12 sign in 4 group of 3 sign each . And this in 4 group.

  1. Aries, Taurus, Gemini
  2. Cancer, Leo, Virgo
  3. Libra, Scorpion, Sagittarius
  4. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisses

1st and 3rd group sign is known as Visham Pad Sign and 2nd and 4th group sign is known as Sama pad sign.

Some importance rules for lordship of Sign

2)As we know that every sign has own lordship. But Rahu and Ketu doesn’t has lordship of any sign. But in rashi dasha Rahu and ketu has lordship of sign. Scorpion sign has 2 lord Mars and Ketu. Aquarius sign has 2 lord Rahu and Saturn. In later point we know that when we consider Rahu/ketu as lord or Mars/Saturn as lord.

Importance of transit or dasha pravesh/dasha end

3) In rashi dasha we have to consider both Natal chart and Transit. In transit we consider Transit when dasha is started means dasha pravesha and when dasha is last means dasha end.

Important of Bhav lordship from dasha sign

4) We have to focus on bhav from natal lagna chart which has prime importance. Same time we have also consider bhav from dasha sign. Such as

  • 6th,8th and 12th bhav and their lord may cause issues for native.
  • Dasha of sign in which 1st, 4th,5th,9th,10th and 11th house lord from lagna is placed will give good results during dasha.
  • Apart from this we also consider dasha sign as a lagan and assumed 12 bhava from that sign. Such as 2nd from sign is consider for wealth and 12th from sign is consider for expense, or 6th/8th/12th from any sign cause issues for that sign.

House activation rules

5) In any Rashi dasha flowing house will be active, house which rashi dasha is running, house where rashi dasha lord is placed, house which is owned by rashi dasha lord, houses which is owned by planet who is placed in particular sign which rashi dasha is running.

Importance of Natural beneficial planet and malefic planet and trine sign

6) If the sign or trine from that sign has own sign lord, natural beneficial planet, or exalted planet then Rashi dasha will bring prosperity. Same time malefic will creating problem or obstacles. But malefic in own sign or exalted sign may bring good results. Always keep in mind, here natural benefic and malefic is more important.

7) If the sign or trine from that sign has debilitating planet, natural malefic planet or enemy sign lord then dasha may be painful. Even natural malefic ( Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and ketu) may be more painful. Same painful result is possible if 8th house lord, 6th house lord or 12th house lord is placed trine from dasha sign.

8) 2nd from any sign has natural beneficial planet or dasha sign lord then dasha of sign will give good wealth.

9)If sign lord is placed 12th from own sign then dasha will give expenses.

10) Sign in shubh karthi will give good results and Paap karti will bring bad results.

11) If natural beneficial planet is placed 3rd or 6th from dasha sign then it is not consider good for success of native. If natural malefic planet in 3rd or 6th from dasha sign then dasha may bring success.

Debilitating planet in 6th or 8th from dasha sign may be painful

12) If cruel or debilitating planet is placed 6th or 8th from any dasha sign then it may cause for disease, fear or loss from governments.

4th house from dasha lord is importance for peaceful dasha

13) If 4th from dasha sign has natural beneficial, exalted planet or shubh house lord then during dasha of sign native will get profit of vehicles, property, land, name and fame etc. But if natural malefic then loss of above matters and mental stress is possible. If mars then sorrows in home due to fighting or fear from fire, If Saturn then sorrows in heart. If Sun then sorrows due to government is possible. Rahu and ketu may be cause for leaving home, extreme sorrows, thief or fear of accidents, danger from poison. Good condition may good for mother and bad condition is bad from mother.

14) If 5th from any sign has natural beneficial, exalted planet then dasha will give profit from learned or reputed person or king and getting success in his life. He will posses good intelligence. If 5th from dasha sign has natural malefic then native may facing issues in success, mental sorrows, taking wrong decisions or taking wrong advise.

15) 6th from any sign has natural beneficial then native may facing issues with his enemy and enemy will getting success and native has to negotiating with enemy at their terms and condition. But if natural malefic then native has power to crush their enemy but he has many enemy.

16) 7th from dasha sign if natural beneficial then good for marriage life otherwise issues with wife.

8th house has natural beneficial planet is good for lifespan

17) 8th from dasha sign if natural beneficial then good for life span and native’s health. If natural malefic then it will be gives disease during rashi dasha.

18) 9th from dasha sign if natural beneficial planet then gives inclination towards religious deeds. It may bring prosperity. If natural malefic then mental and physical sorrows, sorrows to father is possible.

Except Saturn and Ketu in 10th house, all planet is consider good in 10th house

19) 10th from any dasha sign if natural beneficial then native will get easy success even natural malefic may give success except Saturn who cause delay and ketu who cause obstacles. Even rahu in 10th house can give success and traveling to religious place.

Malefic in 11th house may give health issues

20) 11th from any dasha sign either natural beneficial or malefic can gives success. Beneficial may gives easy success but malefic can take time or efforts to giving success. But natural malefic can give sorrows or health issues.

21)12th from any sign if sign lord then it is giving expense during dasha.

Must consider Bhadhak sign from dasha sign

22) As we know 11th from movable sign, 9th from fixed sign and 7th from duel sign is known as Badhak Sthan. If badhak sthan from any sign has natural malefic then it will gives sorrows. If dasha sign lord is conjugated with badhaka then also bad results is possible. If Khar planet Rahu or ketu in badhak sthan then cause great fear, fear from enemy, or issues with king or arresting during traveling. Apart from this bhadhak from birth lagna is also consider.

23) The sign having Sun, Mars, Ketu , Rahu and Saturn may gives issues during their rashi dasha and antardasha.

24) If trine from Rahu natural malefic then definitely during that rashi dasha, native will experience sorrows.

25) During last of Rashi dasha who is depositor of Rahu, native may lost all things which is given by rahu. Native may be facing sorrows, jails, death or death like situations.

26) We have to consider regarding natural enmity of sign lord during dasha antardasha of sign. The dasha- antardasha of two mutual enemy sign may facing obstacles to give good results.

PlanetEnemy Sign
SunTa, Ge, Li, Cp and Aq
MoonLi, Sc, and Aq
MarsGe, Vi, Li, Sg, and Pi
MercuryCn, Sc, Aq and Pi
JupiterTa, Li, Vi, Ge
VenusLe, Sc, Cn and Sg
SaturnAr, Sc, Cn, Le, Sg
Enemy of Sign

27)  If any sign has continue 2nd, 3rd and 4th has natural beneficial or yogakaraka planet then dasha will be very good.

28) Even any malefic planet in Shubha karti may gives good results.

29) If dasha sign has full moon then it will gives sudden awesome wealth.

30) If dasha sign has Jupiter and venus then it will gives awesome growth and success in life.

Some Transit Sutra 

1)  We have to focus on transit in 2ways, the time when rashi dasha is strated and when rashi dasha is ended.

2) If dasha sign lord is transit to own sign, exalted sign, friend sign then it will improve dasha good results.

3) If starting of dasha, natural beneficial is transit trine from sign or sign lord then dasha will be good.

4) If starting of rashi dasha, sign lord is transit to debilitated sign, his ati shatru sign, combust or defeated in war then his fortune is not with the native.

5) If sign lord is debilitated in natal chart and during dasha starting, trine from sign or sign lord is associated with debilitated planet then native may facing big sorrows, disease, and physical and mental stress.

6) Rahu sign is good in Aq, Pi, Ar, Ta and Ketu is good in Sc, Sg, Cp, Aq is consider good during transit. If Rahu/ketu transit to above sign then dasha is good.

7) If sign lord is associated with Venus and Moon at the dasha end( specially 7th from that sign) then cause for loss of wealth during dasha.

8) If ending of dasha if sign or sign lord is associated with Rahu or placed even at his worst enemy sign then also dasha is not good. But this is not applicable for Capricorn sign.

9) During the starting of dasha where Rahu is placed, native may be facing issues to that bhav. Bhav will counted from sign.

10) If 12th from dasha sign is Rahu,Venus, Moon, Then native will loss his wealth due to government issues.

11) If 12th from dasha sign is Mars and ketu then danger from fire, accidents and death is possible.

12) If 2nd from dasha sign venus and moon but no malefic then will give wealth.

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