Effect Of Sun In Different Awastha

Effect of Sun in different awastha 
  • 1)Shayana Awastha – When Sun in placed in Shayana awastha, native may be suffering from low abdominal fire, pitth related issues, digestive problems, stoutness in legs and diseases related to secret place.
  • 2)Upvaishan Awastha – When Sun in Upvaishan awastha, native will be shilpi or architecture or work as skilled worker. He may be suffering from financial crisis. He may be devoid from learning. He may be suffering from sorrows. He will be always ready to work under others. 
  • 3) Naitrapani Awastha – When Sun is placed at 5th, 9th, 10th and 7th house in Naitrapani Awastha, native will be full with strength, rich and scholar. In others house native will be cruel, suffering from water related diseases, eye sight problems, having hot tamper and jealousy with others.
  • 4) Prakasam Awastha – When Sun in Prakasam Awastha, native will be punyatma, religious, charitable, rich, enjoying materialistic happiness, honorable, children of royal family and having huge wealth. But when Sun in Prakasam Awastha in 7th or 5th house either his first wife or first children will be destroyed. 
  • 5) Gaman Awastha – When Sun in Gaman Awastha, native will be live out of town. He may be suffering from disease of knees. He may be lazy, habituated of sleeping, full with fear and angry man.
  • 6) Agaman Awastha –  When Sun in Agaman Awastha, native will be cruel, having crooked mentality, skillful, proud full, cheep in expenses, and interested in another women. If Sun in 7th or 12th house then native will either loss his kids or having little wealth. 
  • 7) Sabhavasa Awastha – When Sun in Sabhavasa Awastha, native will be religious, rich, endowed with many sorts of knowledge, good and good eye sights, pure hearted and eloquent in speaking. 
  • 8) Aagam Awastha – When Sun in Aagam Awastha, Native will be rich but not show off his richness​. He may be suffering from dissatisfaction. He may be suffering from sorrows and giving others many types of sorrows. 
  • 9)Bhojan Awastha – When Sun in Bhojan Awastha, native will be devoid from happiness of  wealth, women and children. Native may be suffering from joint pain and head pain. He may be wicked and interested in wicked & mean acts. If Sun in 9th house in Bhojan Awastha, Native may be involved in irreligious acts or creating hard obstacles in the path of rightness.
  • 10)Nrityalipsa Awastha –  When Sun in Nrityalipsa Awastha, native will be scholar, charming, and eloquent. He may be suffering from digestive problems or pain in various part of body related to Sun. He may be religious and rich.
  • 11) Kautuka Awastha – When Sun in Kautuka Awastha, native will be full with excitement. His son will be great person. He may be charitable, enjoying good materialistic happiness, knowledge of many types of language. He has two wife. His body may be suffering from wounds or cuts. He may be suffering from skin related problems. He will be very skilled. He has very hot tamper but best person. If Sun in 5th or 7th house in Kautuka Awastha, his first children or wife may be destroyed. If Sun in 6th house then destroy all his enemies but having hesitation regarding speaking between community.
  • 12) Nindra Awastha –  When Sun in  Nindra Awastha, native will be lives in foreign country. He may be suffering from financial crisis. He may be suffering from sorrows. He has very hot temper. He may be suffering from disease related to sexual organs or secret place. He will be very suffering from health issues. His wife may be very hot in temper. His eyes will be blood red in color. He may be specially suffering from loss of his wife.

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