Effect Of Second House Lord In Third House

Effect of 2nd house lord in 3rd house

1)Before knowing the effect of 2nd house lord in 3rd house we have to know about Second House and Third house . 2nd house lord in 3rd house mean it is away 2nd from own house so you may also read effect of 1st house lord in 2nd house .

2)2nd house lord in 3rd house means, 2nd from 2nd house so 2nd house will get natural strength to according to rule bhavat bhavam. So 2nd house’s natural significant will be increased. So native may be wealthy .

3)3rd house belongs to own strength or capacity so 2nd house lord in 3rd house is indicating native will be capable to earn through own efforts or power or in simple way he earn through own efforts.

4)3rd house belongs to younger siblings and wealth lord placed in 3rd house, so native may be earn through help of his younger siblings. Or younger siblings may be helpful for native to earn profit or making wealth.

5)2nd house lord belongs to speech and 3rd house lord belongs to communication so native may be good orator, having nice voice, or good in singing. So native may earn through use of his communication ability. If 3rd house lord also making relationship with 2nd house and Venus support in horoscope then native may be Singer. If yog is well placed then native may be famous for his singing. Native may be capable to attract mass through his speaking power. Native may be good in artist activity.

6)2nd house lord also called markesh and it is placed in 3rd house which belongs to lifespan. So we can say markesh get strength in 3rd house, so it may be caused evil for lifespan. So 2nd house lord is not well placed in 3rd house then it may cause for death of native.

7)If 2nd house lord is malefic planet then it is considered very auspicious regarding wealth because malefic planet in 3rd house is consider good. Native is very courageous and brave even in earning. Native is capable to take any sort of risk regarding earning wealth. He has good stamina and power.

8) If 2nd house lord is natural beneficial then native is kind and soft hearted. He may be good and soft in communication but not enough strength to take risk regarding earning wealth.

9)Well placed 2nd house lord in 3rd house ( such as own rashi, mool trikona, excellent, friend rashi or strength through any other ways) is indicating native may be kind & happy. He may be inclined towards luxurious life style. He may gets good name and fame. Native may has good life span.

10)2nd house is 12th from 3rd house, and 2nd house lord is placed in 3rd house which is not consider good regarding younger siblings. As 3rd house belongs to self confidence so 12th lord from 3rd house (2nd lord) is indicating native may has lack of self confidence. Native may has fear or suffering uncertainty regarding  his own wealth.

11)3rd house belongs to short travel so 2nd house lord in 3rd house is indicating native may be go for Short travel for earning wealth.

12)When 2nd house lord is with 3rd house lord and well placed then native is very courageous, earn through help of siblings, having strong financial condition, having very good speaking ability. So he may be earn through his voice. He may has good physical strength.
But if not well placed then may be suffering regarding health or life span.

13)For planet in 3rd house you may read Planet in 3rd house.

Effect of 2nd House Lord in 3rd house According to classical book of astrology 

Brihat parasara hora sastra 

When 2nd house lord in 3rd house, native will be brave and courageous. He will has good mentalities or cleverness. He will be virtuous. He will be sensual. He will be greedy if beneficial planet in 3rd house. If malefic planet in 3rd house then he will be criticizing god.

Vridha Yavanjatakam 

When 2nd house lord in 3rd house, native will be a businessman. He will be speaking bad words. He will be devoid from artisan qualities. He will be thief and having fickle mentalities. He doesn’t has knowledge of new form of arts.

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