Effect Of Mercury In Different Awastha

Effect Of Different Awastha Of Mercury 

1) Shyana awastha – When Mercury in Shyana awastha in own sign then native will be suffering from hunger and having defective legs and small & round eyes. In other planet sign, native will be crooked and clever in wicked acts.

2) Upvaishan awastha – When Mercury in Upvaishan awastha then native will be eloquent, endowed with good qualities, experts in poetry, handsome and having pure nature. 

If Mercury is associated with natural malefic or aspected enemies planet then Native will be very wicked man. 

If Mercury in own house or friends house or associated with friend planet then Native has many sorts of happiness. He is punyatma or religious person and always stand with rightness. He may only suffering from eyes related problems.

3) Naitrapani Awastha – When Mercury in Naitrapani Awastha, native may be suffering from legs related issues. He may be beggar by nature. He may be devoid from learning and politeness. His kids may destroy. 

When Mercury in 5th house then he has not good happiness of wife and children. He has more girl children.

4) Prakashan Awastha – When Mercury in Prakashan Awastha, native will be charitable, wealthy, religious, many sorts of knowledge and know the secret meaning of Veda. 

5)Gaman Awastha – When Mercury in Gaman Awastha, Native will be skillful but crooked. His wife may be wicked and native is under control of his woman. He has many sorts of diseases. He has many sorts of sorrows. He is sensual and having knowledge of many languages. He is always involving in qurrels and he will be attacks from teeth or suffering loss of teeth.

6) Agaman awastha – When Mercury in Agaman awastha, native will be suffering from water related problems or disease related to water elements. He will be making good profit through business. His wife and sons will be destroy. He has fear from idiot people. He has fear from snacks and water. He mind will be wandering and full with stress.

7) Sabhavas Awastha – When Mercury in Sabhavas awastha then native will be rich, and religious. He may be punyatma and having support of Public.  He may be suffering from long run disease. 

When Mercury in 5th or 12th house then native has more girl children. If Mercury in 7th house then Native has all sorts of happiness. But he may has unfair color and very bold image in society.

8) Aagam Awastha – When Mercury in Agaman awastha, then native will be involved in sinful conduct. He may earn by serving wicked or low grade people or doing lower class jobs. He has twins son. He may be suffering from disease related to secret place such as urine related issues. 

9) Bhojan Awastha – When Mercury in Bhojan Awastha, then native will be suffering from financial losses. He has fear from king or authority. He will be thin in look and suffering from disease related to head. He has jealousy with others. He is living out of his home town. His mentality will be fickle. 

10) Nrityalipsa awastha – When Mercury in Nrityalipsa awastha, Native will be scholar, rich, poet, honorable, comfort​ of vehicles and house. He has great friends and always will be happy.

If Mercury in malefic sign then he will goes to whore. 

11) Kautuka Awastha – When Mercury in Kautuka Awastha, native will be dear to all. He will inclined toward getting knowledge of music. His skins may be defective. 

If Mercury in 5th and 10th house, it will cause loss of sons and he has many girls kids. 

If Mercury in 7th or 8th house in malefic house, then Native will be goes to whore. If above said Mercury in beneficial planet house then auspicious results will be produced.

If Mercury in 10th house or 9th house Native has many sorts of happiness. 

12) Nindra Awastha –  If Mercury in Nindra Awastha then native will be suffering from long and painful disease. He has suffering from sleeping problems. He may be short lived. He may be argumentative. He may be suffering from financial losses. He may obtaining all sorts of sorrows.  He may be suffering from loss of reputation.  Above said prediction is more possible if Mercury in 1st or 10th house. In another place Native will be rich and endowed with all sorts of happiness. 

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