Effect Of Jupiter In Different Awastha

Effect Of Different Awastha Of Jupiter 

1) Shayana Awastha – When Jupiter in Shayana Awastha, native’s voice has low intensity. He will be always suffering from sorrows. He has fair color and large face. He will be suffering from fear. 

If Jupiter in 1st, 7th, 9th, 10th and 5th house, native will be wealthy, scholar and pure from heart.

2) Upavaishan Awastha – When Jupiter in Upavaishan Awastha, native will be sad, talkative, and having weak health. He has fear from king and enemies. He has wound or cuts in hand, legs or mouth.

When Jupiter in 2nd, 11th, 3rd and 11th house then native will has all sorts of good qualities and inclinationed towards getting many sorts of knowledge.

3) Naitrapani Awastha – When Jupiter in Naitrapani Awastha, native may be suffering from head related disease. He is wealthy. He is showing affection towards lower class people. He will always suffering loss in his works. He loves music and dance. He may be sensual. He is devoid from happiness of prosperity of wealth. 

If Jupiter in 9th, 6th and 8th house, he will destroy his enemies. His death is possible on shrine place. 

4) Prakasham Awastha – When Jupiter in Prakasham Awastha, native will be virtuous, famous and wealthy. If Jupiter is excellent then he will be either a great guru or king. If Jupiter in lagan or 10th house then above results will be most possible. 

In other house, native will be suffering from disease related to secret place. 

5) Gamana Awastha –  If Jupiter in 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 10th house in Gamana Awastha, native will be crooked & wicked but courageous. He has many friends. He may be inclined towards doing service. He may be scholar and living out from his mother land. His financial condition is not so much good.  But if Jupiter in another house then results will be opposite to above.

6) Agaman Awastha – When Jupiter in Agaman Awastha, native has beautiful and good wife. He will be wealthy and virtuous. He is dear to public.

7) Sabhavas Awastha – When Jupiter in Sabhavas Awastha, native will be government servants or dear to government. He has charming personality and eloquent in speaking. He may be wealthy and having happiness of vehicles. He may be scholar. If Jupiter in Kendra then above said fruits will be confirmed. If Jupiter in 12th or 8th house then native will be sad and all above fruits will be destroyer. 

8) Aagam Awastha – When Jupiter in Agaman Awastha, native will be religious and regularly visiting shrine. He has good happiness of servant and children. He has good mentality.He has status just like king. He will be getting proud and honor. He will be destroy his obstacles in easy ways. He has good excitement in his life.

9) Bhojan Awastha – When Jupiter in Bhojan Awastha, native will be interested in non- veg. He is wealthy and sensual.  If Jupiter in lagan then he will eat best foods. If Jupiter in 5th or 9th then native has happiness of sons. He will be religious and wealthy. In others house, native will be suffering from many sorts of diseases.

10)Nrityalipsa Awastha – When Jupiter in Nrityalipsa Awastha, native will be eloquent, getting honored by king, religious, wealthy, scholar and good knowledge of pronouncing words and their meaning. Above said results is possible when Jupiter in 2st, 9th, 10th and 5th house. Other houses above results will be not getting.

11) Kautuk Awastha – When Jupiter in Kautuka Awastha, native will be wealthy. He bring name and fame for his kula. He has great prosperity and very popular in community. He is endowed with children and having very good strength. Above said results are more possible in 1st, 10th, and 7th house. If Jupiter in 6th, 8th and 12th house then results may be opposite.

12) Nindra Awastha –  When Jupiter in Nindra Awastha, native will be idiot in all his work. He will be suffering from poverty. He doesn’t​ has growth in his home land. If Jupiter in 8th and 12th house, native will be wealthy.

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