Effect Of Date Of Birth In Numerology

Importance of Date Of Birth

  • If we try to predict by Numerology then the first things we get is date of birth. Date of birth is best ways to know when we appearance on this world and can remember our reappearance on this date. As we know that date of birth is always fix and doesn’t be changeable in any how. So definitely date of birth has fix and life long impact on native. So date of birth has huge impact on native’s lifestyle.
  • Date of birth is also known as Personality number because date of birth has huge impact on personality of native. Means date of birth can fix our personality. Personality is the ways by others look to the native. So date of birth tell us about how others look the native, what they think about native and what they want from native.
  • Date of birth tell us about desires of materialistic world. We can know our individual needs in this world and also able to know what the outer worlds wants from us means needs of others from us.
  • Date of birth tell us about our behaviour. The way by which we are acting and reacting. By understanding the impact of date of birth we can learn how to control over own self. We can understand own self in better ways and can modified us as per as world expectations from us. We can also able to understand our behaviour.
  • Date of birth can guide us in our fortune because fortune number may be different from date of birth. But date of birth has huge impact on fortune of native. It can be helpful to decide profession of native.

Way of calculation of Personality number

As above we learnt that Date of birth is Personality number. So if person born on 21 then his personality number will be 21. In my previous article I have explained about impact of number 1 to 9. So question arise how to know about number 21. Here we look

21 = 2 + 1 = 3

So, 21 is belongs to number 3 but we say like this

21= Moon + Sun = Jupiter

Means native has internal combination of Moon and Sun and after joining they are producing results of Jupiter. So native has main impact of jupiter quality but internally he has quality of Sun and Moon also. In simple ways if you are vedic astrologer then treated as association of Moon, Sun and Jupiter or native has impact of number 1, 2 and 3. But don’t forget that main number is 3. Here we also see planet relationship with each other. Some says write like this 21/3 as personality number.

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