Capricorn Ascendant According To Classical Book Of Astrology


The person born as Capricorn ascendant, his lower body limbs will be weak in physically. He will be endowed with rightness. He will be very experts in catching words. He will be lazy. He will be attached towards old age women of lower classes who is lost his women qualities. He will be a person who is always creating hypocrisy in the name of religion. He is fortunate. He will be wandering in nature. He will be suffering from Vaath or windly disease. He is shameless.

Jatak Parijat 

The person born as Capricorn ascendant he will be flirting or romantic in nature. He will be wicked in behavior and very worst in speaking.


Capricorn ascendant native has thin physique. He will be timid in nature. His face is just like deer. He will be suffering from windly(Vata) related diseases. His nose is bright and elevated nose. He has only little rightness. He has many children. His body is full with hairs. His feet and hand is broad. He will be devoid from social conduct. He will be greedy in nature just like a thirsty man. He will be interested in fair sexual relationships. He will be wandering in forest and mountain. He is brave. He has knowledge of sastra, Sruthi, architecture, singing and musical instruments. He has strength of doing fraudulent activities or strength regarding doing wicked acts. He will be fullfill by family. He will be hostile and wicked. He is wicked regarding relatives. He has not good moral conduct. He is handsome. His wife is wicked. He will be talebearer. He is wealthy. He is inclination towards religion. He will serve to King. He is not very liberal or charitable. He will be happy and fortunate.


Capricorn ascendant native is weak in physique and timid from nature. His body and face just like a deer’s. He will be suffering from windly diseases. He has little courage. His tip of the nose is long and high. His hands and feet are overgrown with curly hair. He is a fickle person with long ears and black eyes. He is a thirsty man bereft of good conduct and virtues. He will be controlled by sexual intercourse with women. He goes after wealth or fully materialistic. He is a hero of noble descent who shines because of his many connections. He is fond of responsive singing, sacred traditions (sruti), sciences, and crafts. He has bad relationship with his brothers. He is a man with a family. He is a hated person whose people are depraved. He is the enemy of rascals.His wives have their bodies injured by their ill-mannered lovers.  He is hostile to evil who possesses the wealth of his calumniators. He is inclined towards righteousness (dharma) and knowing the five arts of a king. His mostly wealth is obtained by stealing. But he doesn’t giving little bit.He is a lazy person who talks a lot and makes no effort. He is  a father of many daughters. He will be dies because of carnivorous animals and wind-diseases, or because of the swords and prisons of the king, or because of bile-diseases, or because of poisons.

Vridha Yavanjatak 

Capricorn ascendant native is born in royal family. He is doing base acts. He has many servants and sons. He is greedy in nature and lazy in action. He is interest in own appreciation. He doesn’t take respect of others help. He is only inclined towards own jobs. He is dear to elders or Guru.

Bhavratan Ratnakar

1. If Mercury is in Leo sign in 8th house with Jupiter in lagna in Capricorn Sign and aspected by Venus(means Venus in 7th house), long life is conferred, but with poverty is also confirmed.

Logic – Mercury is lord of fortune and it is placed in 8th house which is 12th from own house. This is indicating loss of fortune. Apart from this Jupiter and Venus is affiliated each other so wealth is also reducing.

2. Venus in in Taurus means in 5th house then is good means native is fortunate. But if in Libra, though, he may not prove so fortunated in comparison of Venus in 5th house.

Logic – Here author apply kendradhipathi dosh.

3. If Venus and Mercury are in lagna with Moon in Taurus(means in 5th house) aspected by Jupiter(means Jupiter may be in lagan or 11th or 9th house), the

native is certain to become an emperor. This is called a maharaja yoga.

Logic – Yogkarak Venus in lagan with most auspicious Mercury creating dharm karm adipati yog  in lagan and Moon is excellent and aspects by Jupiter which is also good.

4. If Jupiter is in lagna with Venus and Mars in Scorpio(in 11th house), native will be rich with the help of brothers during the Jupiter dasa.

Logic – Debilitation of Jupiter is cancelled due to Mars and Mars is karak Planet of brothers and placed in Brother house so Jupiter is giving results with help of Mars means through brothers.

5. When Sun, Moon and Mercury are in lagna, with Mars and Venus in Sagittarius (means in 12th house), the native will not get wealth through brothers. He will earn through own self.

6. A Saturn-Mercury combination in Virgo sign in 9th house confers fortune.

Rahu becomes a yogakaraka if he’s with Jupiter in Sagittarius in 12th house.

Logic – Saturn and Mercury is simple Rajyyog for Capricorn ascendant but it is in 9th house where 9th house lord is excellent that’s why it is a big Rajyyog.

7. The presence of Moon in Cancer and Mars in lagna causes a rajayoga.

Logic – It is making Chandra Mangal yog where Mars is excellent and Moon is in own house.

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